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LostWinds for 'Wiiware'
RCT Panda Attack

Looks like the game I'm working on has been announced! :3 It's a downloadable game for Wii, it should be coming out on May 12th in USA.

More images:

More here: LostWinds Homepage
LostWinds Interview: N'Gai Croal interviews David Braben on Lost Winds
Another Interview: Stephen Totilo/MTV: First look at LostWinds

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That looks amazing! How much involvement did you have in the art direction?

I'm responsible for the characters, and the way they're lit, etc.

I like the 'shrooms, they look tasty.

That looks cool - I can see why you're so into it!! so which bits are yours :-)??

Just characters right now. :) We have a good team.

Ah wow! It looks lovely! :D

That looks super kawaii!!! Especially the pink flowery village ^.^.

Cool! Self-published by Frontier sounds stellar. Like the logo and the depth of the world shown in the shot where Toku looks reeeeeeeeeeeeaally mini!

Aha!! The way you wrote that post about the Edge page, I did wonder if this was the one. hehe - it looks amazing!!! ^_^

Oh my this is amazingly cute I love the art style so much!

that's really really really cute and impressive looking :)

Are you a games concept artist? art director?

Thanks! I'm a games character artist, I do concept and 3D models.

I'd give this a try regardless of who made it.

yes, i heard about this! so cute :) i cant wait to try it!
are you doing the character design/modeling??

Thanks! :3 Yeah, I'm doing all the characters for this.

I forgot to ask you a question when we were talking about Lost Winds at Minami...

All the shots that you've posted so far only feature the main character (he looks a bit lonely!) Will there be plenty of interaction with NPCs, or will it be a more 'traditional' platform game, with the environment being mostly populated by enemies?

BTW, I was (unfortunately) right about WiiWare getting a rename for Europe: it's going to be called Wii Software... SO ANNOYING >:[

Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing the game!

There's an NPC right there in this screenshot, and there will be more than one NPCs, that much I can confirm. ^_~

Ah, I thought that was a small blue hut! Maybe I need another eye test...

Sounds very secretive! Under 2 weeks until the next Edge :)

The look really fits what I'm guessing the gameplay is ^_^. Good job!

Impressive work. The character is so cuuuute. I want teddies of him!

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