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Gameplay demo released
RCT Panda Attack

I've released a very rough gameplay demo, in accordance with the rules of the Unity Awards. You can play it HERE (and you'll need the Unity plugin). It is browser based, and works on Windows and Mac. It's very very rough, is only one level, but it works.

To be honest... it might not be a bad idea to wait sixteen days until the finished game is ready though, and play that instead. This isn't really the demo I had hoped to have ready - maybe I'll have that ready for next week instead. With that in mind, I'm off to focus on getting the objects fixed up.

edit: some guy on the Unity forum managed to beat the level in two moves! o_o Not sure how! Might be a trick to do with timing...

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I just had a quick go, it's really good fun - I can see it being VERY addictive. In fact, can't wait to play the full thing! Looks awesome, too :D

I love it! <3<3 Everything seems to work smoothly and the graphics are adorable! X33 The idea for the game is pretty neat and I think it works very well. I enjoy the puzzle solving aspect, as well as the cute graphics.
Best of luck in the competition, I hope you do well! You've got a great mini-game on your hands here!

Dock man this is totally addictive. I would play the heck out of this.

A buddy of mine sent me a link by the way, that you might also be interested in:

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Well I guess it is what they are getting reports from via their web client.

Keep in mind that Unity, while a great platform, isn't really something you'd say "has achieved widespread market penetration." The only people who know about Unity games are gamers, and most of them would have higher spec machines than not.

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Well right. This is pretty much just a "who's using/downloading Unity web," not "what you need to run Unity web," which is markedly different and smaller in spec.

Yeah, I subscribe to the Unity newsletters and blogs, so I got that article. I'm not worrying too much about things like that with this particular project - instead I'm just testing my game often with my 2004-era intel-exteme based laptop. Works fine on that, and I haven't had any complaints about performance yet. :)

I doubt you will. It runs buttery smooth.

A suggestion though - have a menu for restart/next level whatever, instead of just hitting keys in a future revision. It'll look better for one thing, and for folks like me who are having glitches with the keyboard input to their web plugins (heh) it will be welcome. =)


That was really fun, and worked almost exactly as I expected (a little slower).

I originally had it running a bit faster, but the slowness seemed to make it more fun and full of suspense. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Meh. Won't work on my mac. It can't find the right plugins.

You need to download and install the plugin manually from here. I don't think it auto-installs properly.

I played this earlier, and I can see the improvements from Alpha stage XD Just as much fun as it was before! Nice work dude ^_^

played through the demo, really good so far. everything seems to work, and it's really cute

I only just noticed the '2 Moves' bit, and I decided to give it a shot and see if I can get it too. Took a fair few tries, but I achieved it XD~ Next Level Plz kthnxbai!

Haha, yeah the two moves thing is fun. It is certainly tempting to make the final game have awards for doing the level in the least possible moves. I'm also thinking of offering an award for doing it by losing the fewest shapes in the sea, or for taking the largest number of moves to win. What do you think?

I think that's an awesome idea. Certainly adds more challenging strategies to the game :) Makes each level's playability last longer.

That said, it isn't massively difficult to do this particular level using all nine moves to complete it. I think it'll still be something I consider for it though, as it's a different sort of approach.

OMIGOODNESS! This game is so monkeycute! (Also- sorry about you IMing me when I forgot to put up my away message, I am full of failure.) I am so eager to try this out!

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