Dock (dock) wrote,

Happy 15th Birthday, Doom

Doom is 15 years old today!

Here's a flash port of Doom, if you want to play it!

I remember being so impressed when I first saw this running at a computer trade show, running on some expensive PC they were trying to sell. I was able to play it later that year when I got my own 486-25 with 4mb, and used to collect custom level packs on CD-ROM. It takes me back to a time when first person shooters were still known as 'corridor shooters' or simply 'Doom clones', and before Mouselook was the way people played.

I remember trying to make a doom-clone on the Amiga a couple of times in Blitz Basic 2. I made a number of bad 3D engines that would rotate and scale objects on a 2D matrix around the player, and they didn't look convincing at all.

I sometimes think that I ought to re-visit my game ideas from the nineties, but they were of course mostly pretty trashy because I was fourteen! There was one horror based game I was working on that might be worth spending a few weeks on though. I don't really enjoy FPS games now, but I do miss the days where they were exciting.

Also, I only just noticed this similarity! D: zomg!
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