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Happy 15th Birthday, Doom
RCT Panda Attack
Doom is 15 years old today!

Here's a flash port of Doom, if you want to play it!

I remember being so impressed when I first saw this running at a computer trade show, running on some expensive PC they were trying to sell. I was able to play it later that year when I got my own 486-25 with 4mb, and used to collect custom level packs on CD-ROM. It takes me back to a time when first person shooters were still known as 'corridor shooters' or simply 'Doom clones', and before Mouselook was the way people played.

I remember trying to make a doom-clone on the Amiga a couple of times in Blitz Basic 2. I made a number of bad 3D engines that would rotate and scale objects on a 2D matrix around the player, and they didn't look convincing at all.

I sometimes think that I ought to re-visit my game ideas from the nineties, but they were of course mostly pretty trashy because I was fourteen! There was one horror based game I was working on that might be worth spending a few weeks on though. I don't really enjoy FPS games now, but I do miss the days where they were exciting.

Also, I only just noticed this similarity! D: zomg!

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on a semi-related note, i watched total recall and terminator 2 last night, and marvelled at how despite not having watched them since i was a nipper, they were actually AWESOME!!

i'm impressed with your doom-cloning, it's obviously in your blood to make games! my brother used to make me text adventures where if i won, i ended up getting it on with the guy i fancied, hehe...write more text adventure dock!!

You know, I have always hated text adventures! XD I think the cause of this stems from being four years old and one of the games we had bundled with our C64 was this game called "Stranded"....

My four year old self was astonished at how boring this game was, and obviously the subtleties were lost on me. I vividly remember wanting to end the game and typing the word "QWIT"... I was shitty at spelling when I was four, but I think it communicated my intentions, haha! Actually, being shit at spelling and having the vocabulary of a four year old probably made this even harder for me... maybe someone should have been trying to help me, but my siblings wanted nothing to do with the game!

After that, I never was able to get over the negative association with text adventures, and never had a positive experience with them. I did code some simple text adventures, though never finished anything, just because they were so easy to code.

These days I'm not opposed to the text-adventure format at all, but I want all my options laid out for me, rather than second guessing the designer!

Edited at 2008-12-10 11:17 am (UTC)

Haha for some reason I think the total irritation factor was part of the appeal to me! I'm very romantic at heart (in the classical sense) and if there is an element of mystery I'll always read so much more into it than there is...like I often prefer people to tell me what happens in a film blow by blow, or read a deep synopsis of it, rather than actually watching it, because I'll imbue the idea with so much depth that isn't really there and it stays with you much more...so many times I've watched things I'm terrified to see only to be relieved at how sweet and human it is - things like The Crow, Battle Royale, and Saw, are examples of this!

So with text adventure, the fact that it was all about my imagination was I think what made it so magical - because in my imagination what I read was AMAZING! It helped that I was ridiculously awesome at spelling ^^ but nevertheless I did get into a fair few arguments with them...and there were early point and clicks like the Roberta Williams King's Quest early adventures that required text commands and constantly queried your input as though you were mental. Grr!!

Your game there looks actually quite elaborate, I was thinking of the ones that looked like they were running in DOS!

Having ranted at length then, I never played that many text adventures. I just really loved having them tailor-made for me. If I could code I would make them as gifts for everyone because it's such an unusual and awesome thing to receive!

Personalised gift-games would certainly be something! I know I would love to get to the stage where I could offer such a thing. :3

You know, you coouuuld do that. There is a standard system for text adventures called 'Inform' that is cross platform, and super simple to use. Well worth considering! :)

You got the names on that image the wrong way round!

j/k j/k j/k lols. XD

Domo-kun could take that Doom imp any day.

Domokun has awesome fighting techniques! XD

Oh gosh.... Doom is 15 years old already?! I kinda miss those days. I played a little Doom even if it made me dizzy. haha

lol @ the Domo twins!

Aaaagh! Overpowering sense of nostalgia! I was reading books for my Games Design course to write an essay this week, and they were all talking about Doom and Diablo and Baldur's Gate and Civ 2 and FF7, and I was just going 'aaagh! How can I write this essay when you keep making me want to play awesome games from my childhood!?'
Hmmm. Essay is finished...Maybe time to enjoy a little nostalgia trip! The only question is...DOOM or Baldur's Gate? Ohman, or C&C!? How do I choose!?

Haha, the likeness is uncanny!

But wow, Doom is 15 years old?! I suddenly feel very old...
Do you remember "Gloom"? Amiga's answer to Doom!

Remember it? I had it and completed it! I received it for christmas in 1995, along with a Honeybee CD32 controller so that I could strafe with the triggers. It was a bit rubbish in hindsight (and even without hindsight), but it had a really chunky solid feel to it.

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