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Screenshot feature... O_O
RCT Panda Attack
Note to self:
If you create a screenshot feature for tumbledrop and assign it to the keyboard, people will accidentally capture 1800 screenshots over the period of two weeks!! O_O

That was quite unexpected! I think people are typing whilst the game is still in focus, and taking loads of screenshots with the game by mistake. I wonder how much tumbledrop is being played... I should really implement some sort of logging into my games in future.

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I don't understand this post! Why wasn't the screenshot feature assigned to the usual print screen? Is it something different? How did they do it accidentally?

I made some code so that if you press the space bar, a half-size screenshot of tumbledrop is saved to this folder: http://tumbledrop.com/screenshots/images/?M=D

This was just to test some code, and Tumbledrop was an easy way to test it. It was naive of me to think that people wouldn't press the spacebar whilst playing!... I thought they might occasionally do it, but not 1800 times in two weeks! XD

ah that makes a lot more sense, now i do understand it!

now you have the most comprehensive collection of screen shots ever! yay! enter it in the Turner Prize? that's always my solution to unexpected surplus...not that i've ever followed through alas...

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