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Hopping puzzle demo!
RCT Panda Attack


I made a quick single level demo of this puzzle game. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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That's pretty cool! Took me around a dozen tries to get it right, but I didn't give up. A more gentle learning curve would probably help some people though.

That was really fun :) The animation made it feel fluent and relaxed, and I liked the subtly of it, as in half the fun was figuring out the rules and stuff without there being any explanation. The only thing that urked me was the noise that was made when you feel, it was too loud and alarming for me when the rest of the game was so the opposite ^^;

Apologies for the sound! I didn't realise how loud that would be, and it looks as though I made it pretty obnoxious. D:

I'm glad you liked the lack of explanation. I'd like to try to use this sort of thing more, and it's often a shame to have to hand-hold players. I'd introduce them with a simpler puzzle off the bat though, you're right :)

That was a pretty tough puzzle, it took some time to figure out the right sort of technique to use, but once it clicked I got it immediately. :) Are you supposed to be able to change direction once you start slipping? I tried to beat it that way too (no luck) but it didn't seem like that was intentional!

The turning around thing is a horrible horrible bug! :) I didn't spot it for a day or two :) Do you mean it was hard to figure out what the mechanic was, or was it hard to solve the level? :)

I mean it was hard to solve the level, though I didn't get right away that I could slip over blocks and stop on the ones I hadn't been on. Figuring out how to use that not just as a "oh you can do this" but "apply that kind of path to the entire stage" makes it feel a bit like a mechanic, too, because that was the "ahah!" moment.

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