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RCT Panda Attack

Look what arrived in my life today! :) I already have a 3DS, so I'll be transferring my save files and data over.

I've been on a bit of a break from game development recently, but I just started getting back into it. Juggling a few projects and trying to decide which one to focus on to completion. I'll resume blog updates soon with some experiments I've been doing!

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Cool! Where did this come from? I'd like to see any other colours. ^_^ kinopio!

There was a super cute pink Peach one, and a Red/Blue Mario one too, but I chose to enter the Mushroom contest. Yay Kinopio! ^o^

It was a prize draw on the Nintendo Europe website to win one of 1000 special 3DS units if you had bought certain 3DS games. They did the promotion in Europe and Japan, there's no USA version. :) I was super lucky to win this!

I just transferred all my stuff from my old Aqua 3DS and sold it to a friend. Transfer was pretty easy, and it kept all my settings and friends etc.

Thanks! :D I'm sad to know that most of these nice consoles are going straight on ebay, and the rest of going untouched into storage to accrue 'value' as collectors items. :< I'll take care of it, but I'll also use it.

I love it!! Gah! I kinda want one, but there is only 1 game that I would be playing and its the new Animal Crossing....

Haha, you're not the only person I know that thinks this way. It's a shame Animal Crossing on 3DS isn't coming until early 2013, as it was shown a while ago! I'll probably buckle and get it. :B

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