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6 April 1980
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I am a professional video-games artist, which seems to consume lots of my life - but I love it :) In my free time I love to make comics, draw stuff, make 3D things and play video-games. For a looksie at my creative stuff, check out my homepage at deadpanda.com.

I don't add everyone to my friends list, especially if they don't post anything of interest to me (day to day things aren't of interest if I don't know you, and quizzes and song lyrics are annoying to me. However, I do read some peoples journals from time to time, even if I don't link them to my friends list.

I'm heading up a UK based doujinshi group called Sweatdrop, where I intend to publish and distribute all my future comics, along with Attic, my debut doujinshi effort. I can't wait to produce more comics, I just need to create the free time I need to work on them. ^_^

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